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Hutchinson Toro 26″ MTB Tyres

It seems that by 'lack of action' I have now found myself in a minority group. Not in ethnicity or sexual orientation but on this occasion by mtb tyre size. Maybe not across the entire population but certainly within the enthusiast realm. There may still be millions of cheap 'supermarket' bikes out there on 26" wheels but if you're looking for a new tyre for proper mountain biking, particularly if tubeless is your thing then the choices are limited these days. Maybe I should take this as a notification to upgrade to 27.5" but that would require a new frame, fork and wheels. Pretty much an entire new bike. And having assembled my own wheels several years ago I've since become

On the mountain bike in the Peaks again.

"Same again?", "Yeah, why not." - It could be a conversation about all manner of things. Another glass of a fine red wine or a good beer on a night out for example. But on this occasion it's the annual trip to the Peak District for some serious mountain biking fun. I've been going with a small group of like minded guys (not sure I can get away with using the term 'lads' these days), for several years now. Usually in January but this time in February, making the most of whatever the weather chooses to throw at us, riding for several hours on the Saturday and then again on the Sunday morning and staying over in the Youth Hostel in

The Thorny Topic of Tubeless Tyres!

    I'm a big fan of tubeless tyres and have them on both my road bike and my mountain bike. I can understand why people might not see the benefit or need on a road bike but on a mountain bike they can be a real ride-saver. Here in this post I show why. 1543

Winter Riding Advice – 2. Staying Safe in Winter Conditions

Cycling in poor conditions

OK, so you've got your kit and you're wrapped up just nicely to keep out the elements and maintain the heat you'll be producing. Let's hit the roads and get some winter training under our tyres ahead of the 2017 season.  Through the village or town is fine but as soon as you hit the country roads, everything is suddenly looking pretty icy.  What now?  Bail, turn around and go home disappointed?  Ride really slowly completing the planned route but on tenterhooks?  Not necessarily, often you can have a good ride in bad conditions. 1025

Winter Riding Advice – 1. Keeping Warm

Maybe you're a fan of riding alone indoors sweating away on a noisy turbo trainer; if so then this isn't for you.  Personally I'd much rather carry on riding outside with my friends on real roads. After all here in the UK we still get some really nice sunny days during winter (it's not all rain and dark cloud) and don't forget the clear starry skies on a frosty evening.  So here's my 10 ways to stay warm on the bike this winter! 1007

Dartmoor Epic 2016, Day 3

One huge grassy descent

The final day, Day 3. This is the day when the more tired want a direct route back, or maybe even one that skirts around the edges of the hills. They don't so much care whether it's still off-road or not as long as the climbs aren't too technical. On the other hand, those with energy to spare and miles remaining in the legs quite fancy finishing off in style and not allowing the trek to fizzle out at the end. I won't say who was in which category, you can make your own guesses! 872

Dartmoor Epic 2016, Day 1

But we've done Dartmoor already! In fact it was only last year too! However, in several ways, I didn't feel like I had truly "done" Dartmoor, not fully, not done it justice and so I was eager to return. Add to that the fact that I was eager to bring more people along for the ride this time and going back to somewhere that I knew had perfect camping locations just made sense. 844

Dartmoor MTB Epic – Day 2

On the track down to Ivybridge

I must say, it did seem to be very close to our camp but I also felt a little silly popping my head around the edge of the tarp and seeing nothing there. Maybe it's the way that sound travels up on the moors that makes the sound of the Dartmoor ponies braying in the morning seem so close. So I went back to sleep for a little longer, which gave the early morning mist a little more time to clear. 336

Dartmoor MTB Epic – Day 1

Dartmoor MTB Epic

Leaving behind your 'way out', the car that can take you home. Heading off into the moors, not knowing what the trails will be like, not knowing which will be ridable, which you'll have to push up and carry over and which will provide the long lasting buzz that doesn't die down for weeks.  Not knowing exactly where you'll end up camping but knowing full well that you've got the kit, the drive and the  ability to make it all work.  That almost sums up the feeling as I pedal off on the first day of one of my 3 day bikecamping epics. 366

Preview: Dartmoor 3 Day Bikecamping MTB Trip on the Horizon

MuddyGoose equipped with bags

If you've read much of this blog then you'll have no doubt come across my write ups of last years trip. Last year's trip took my mate Malcolm and I up to the North York Moors, where we rode from Cropton (where we left the car) to Whitby on our first day, then from Whitby to Guisborough and finally back to the car at Cropton on the third and final day. The overnight camping being done 'wild', firstly on the coast just south of Whitby and then the second night up in Guisborough forest. 130