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Welcome to the ‘SpokeRevolutions’ blog.  I’m Matt Smith, a family man, (a husband and father of 2 girls to be more precise), a working man (I work for a company selling robotic scientific instruments) and an avid cyclist (I ride road, mountain bike and for leisure, I also commute by bike from time to time).

The Blogs

I started with a blog about my mountain bike and so began ‘MuddyGoose‘, which now forms one section of this ‘SpokeRevolutions’ blog.  My aim was to provide other riders of the same bike with my experiences and any technical information that I picked up along the way.  Then in February 2014 I bought a road bike and decided that blogging about my road bike and road cycling on my mountain biking blog just wasn’t right and so my second blog ‘PoggioDelRe‘ was born.  Finally, to briefly bring you up to date, I decided to focus both of those existing blogs on those two bikes and start putting all my routes, rides and advenures onto another new blog and so ‘SpokeRevolutions’ was born.

Future Stuff for 2016

For the past two years I’ve been doing a 3 day mtb bike/wild camping trip, so expect to see another of these this year.  I plan to continue trying to bag as many UK road hill climbs as possible from the book. And I may also manage to find time to ride the odd road race in the new Alconbury Criterium series and ride a few mtb trails, natural and man-made.  Possibly I may give the Tour of Cambridgeshire a miss this year due to cost and revisit it the following year instead.

Beyond immediate plans I also have an urge to do a tour from Dover to Plymouth, cross to Roscoff by ferry and then cycle back along the French coast to Calais and cross back to complete an English Channel Loop.  Due to availability of time, this may have to be a longer term goal though, maybe I’ll need to retire first!

Following Me

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Associating With My Blogs

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