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One thing that unites the mountain biking and road cycling communities is the well know formula for working out how many bikes a rider should have in his or her garage (shed, outhouse, bedroom, lounge or wherever). For those who aren’t so well versed it goes something like: Optimal No. of bikes = n+1 where n is the number of bikes currently owned. Some take this to the extreme and have bikes for every occasion. I have two bikes. One for roads and one for off-road. Of course the formula now dictates that I need one more but that just puts me on par with all the other cyclists out there!


MuddyGoose is my hardtail mountain bike; it’s a Mongoose, hence the name MuddyGoose. If you’re interested in the model and spec then it’s a 2010 Mongoose Tyax Elite, although the upgrades and modifications that I’ve made since buying it have somewhat made the original spec a little irrelevant! It began life as a low end, around town with the odd bridle path type of short travel hardtail; I’m sure you know the kind. Since owning it though I’ve pushed every part of it more towards becoming a true trail bike, albeit still a hardtail, that part is here to stay.

My MuddyGoose
My MuddyGoose

I have two sets of wheels for MuddyGoose. A proper off-road set with suitable knobbly tyres and an ‘urban’ set with thinner slick tyres. This makes MuddyGoose suitable for any terrain including roads. So this is my most flexible option and the one I ride whenever conditions are not suitable for a full on road bike.

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