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Hardknott Pass, Wrynose Pass and other such Lakeland Hills

If you google Hardknott Pass you'll get plenty of pages about 'the hardest climb in Britain'. If you continue on into the forums you won't go far before you then reach discussions on which direction is harder; east or west? These latter discussions refer to Hardknott and Wrynose as a pair because you go up one side of them and there's kind of a plateau in between. Generally the discussions, as with so many internet arguments, come to no conclusion with plenty of support for both sides. So when I managed to get a few hours to ride in the Lake District I decided to plot a route that took in both directions of both climbs. To be honest I didn't

Lakes riding on the way to Scotland

The trail from Howtown

Up until now I had never ridden a bike in the Lake District, neither mtb nor road. So with a work trip to Scotland approaching I decided to plan something; it's just off the M6 anyway! In fact a couple of weeks earlier we'd stopped off here on our way back from Scotland during a family camping holiday so plans to ride here had been formulating in my mind recently. 109