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Lakes riding on the way to Scotland

The trail from Howtown

Up until now I had never ridden a bike in the Lake District, neither mtb nor road. So with a work trip to Scotland approaching I decided to plan something; it's just off the M6 anyway! In fact a couple of weeks earlier we'd stopped off here on our way back from Scotland during a family camping holiday so plans to ride here had been formulating in my mind recently. 109

Exploring the North York Moors – Day 3

Open Trail, Open Moors

My main recollection of waking up on Day 3 was the feeling of getting out of bed in full view of the passing public. It wasn't that we'd slept in or that we'd mistakenly camped in the town square; it was only the odd couple of dog walkers and joggers but it still felt strange to be stretching and crawling out from my shelter at 6:00 AM in front of people busily going about their morning routine. So as we had on Day 2, we promptly packed up our stuff, back into our bags and for the final time headed off to find supplies. 181

Exploring the North York Moors – Day 2

Danby Beacon

Waking up under a 'canvas' sheet to the sound of the waves rolling in against the rocks below our cliffside, the sun up already and a day of mountain biking into the unknown ahead of us, we certainly felt no need for a 'lie in'. Yesterday's ride up from Cropton to Whitby had stretched the legs but we both awoke in high spirits and eager for Day 2. 157

Exploring the North York Moors – Day 1

Heading across the Moorland

It's something that I've been wanting to do for a good couple of years now; call up the appropriate OS maps, print off a bundle of them and then go exploring the North York Moors over several days. So I did just that, roped in a friend (Malcolm on this occasion) and took 3 days out to go ride. 126

What to expect on Spoke Revolutions

It's All About The Ride

This is my new blog and it's going to be more focused on riding, inspirational photos and experiences. So I thought I'd start with a post that covers some of my best bits of my other blog MuddyGoose. 11