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Hutchinson Toro 26″ MTB Tyres

It seems that by 'lack of action' I have now found myself in a minority group. Not in ethnicity or sexual orientation but on this occasion by mtb tyre size. Maybe not across the entire population but certainly within the enthusiast realm. There may still be millions of cheap 'supermarket' bikes out there on 26" wheels but if you're looking for a new tyre for proper mountain biking, particularly if tubeless is your thing then the choices are limited these days. Maybe I should take this as a notification to upgrade to 27.5" but that would require a new frame, fork and wheels. Pretty much an entire new bike. And having assembled my own wheels several years ago I've since become

On the mountain bike in the Peaks again.

"Same again?", "Yeah, why not." - It could be a conversation about all manner of things. Another glass of a fine red wine or a good beer on a night out for example. But on this occasion it's the annual trip to the Peak District for some serious mountain biking fun. I've been going with a small group of like minded guys (not sure I can get away with using the term 'lads' these days), for several years now. Usually in January but this time in February, making the most of whatever the weather chooses to throw at us, riding for several hours on the Saturday and then again on the Sunday morning and staying over in the Youth Hostel in

Cobbles and Climbs – Swiss Hill

Swiss Hill/Blaze Hill Loop on Strava

"STOP, just stop". "This hurts and you won't make it to the top anyway". "I don't have the right setup for this, this just isn't going to end well". These are all common thoughts that pass through your mind when emptying yourself on a really tough climb. You just don't expect it to be only 30 seconds into the ascent! That was Swiss Hill, number 71. 1387

A big tough Peak District road ride, with hills of course.

The view from Monsal Head

It started with a Facebook message. So many rides do these days. This one started "Going to the peaks on Saturday the 19th March...." and concluded with "...thinking 80/100 miles with lots of hills". How could I resist, I had already planned a suitable route ages ago, I just needed a Saturday to deploy it into! 590

The Cat & Fiddle – UK Climb #70

A view from the top

There are things you do because you think you ought to, or like in this case, because it's part of a greater plan/challenge. The Cat & Fiddle climb is definitely one of those. If it wasn't an iconic UK climb and wasn't part of the UK 100 Climbs book then I probably wouldn't have ridden it. 450

Taking on Holme Moss – In Single Speed!

Holme Moss on a sunnier day

'You're a stronger man than me; pushing out a gear like that up here', came the comment from the guy on the red Specialized as he slowly eased past me.  He'd clearly noticed my chains position on my cassette as he'd followed my wheel for a while, I was riding with my chain turning the 17 tooth sprocket, not out of choice, but out of necessity. 460

Up Hill & Down Dale – An Evening Dovedale Ride

A Classic Derbyshire Dales Descent

When you decide to ride somewhere, far from home and with little local knowledge you just don't know what you're going to get. In someways it makes the ride more exciting and when you discover a gem there's that moment of pure glee; when the 'explorer' comes to the surface and marvels at his discovery. I guess you could call it a 'discovery ride'. 57