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Tubeless Tyre Update – repairs and top ups.

Some people seem to have an impression of infallibility when it comes to tubeless bike tyres. I guess it makes sense having seen some of the marketing hype. Unfortunately some of that marketing hype makes other cynical types call it all hype and set their stall out at the other extreme. But in some ways I think that's just indicative of the days that we're living in today. The extremes taking entrenched positions and backing up their own views with a narrow slice of internet 'evidence'. Enough of the philosophy though, let's get back to bikes! I like to give an even and reliable account, so here's an update of my recent tubeless tyre experiences. When I was out riding

The Thorny Topic of Tubeless Tyres!

    I'm a big fan of tubeless tyres and have them on both my road bike and my mountain bike. I can understand why people might not see the benefit or need on a road bike but on a mountain bike they can be a real ride-saver. Here in this post I show why. 1543