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Winter Riding Advice – 2. Staying Safe in Winter Conditions

Cycling in poor conditions

OK, so you've got your kit and you're wrapped up just nicely to keep out the elements and maintain the heat you'll be producing. Let's hit the roads and get some winter training under our tyres ahead of the 2017 season.  Through the village or town is fine but as soon as you hit the country roads, everything is suddenly looking pretty icy.  What now?  Bail, turn around and go home disappointed?  Ride really slowly completing the planned route but on tenterhooks?  Not necessarily, often you can have a good ride in bad conditions. 1025

Winter Riding Advice – 1. Keeping Warm

Maybe you're a fan of riding alone indoors sweating away on a noisy turbo trainer; if so then this isn't for you.  Personally I'd much rather carry on riding outside with my friends on real roads. After all here in the UK we still get some really nice sunny days during winter (it's not all rain and dark cloud) and don't forget the clear starry skies on a frosty evening.  So here's my 10 ways to stay warm on the bike this winter! 1007