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One thing that unites the mountain biking and road cycling communities is the well know formula for working out how many bikes a rider should have in his or her garage (shed, outhouse, bedroom, lounge or wherever). For those who aren’t so well versed it goes something like: Optimal No. of bikes = n+1 where n is the number of bikes currently owned. Some take this to the extreme and have bikes for every occasion. I have two bikes. One for roads and one for off-road. Of course the formula now dictates that I need one more but that just puts me on par with all the other cyclists out there!


Podgy is my recent addition and is my first road bike for a long time having sold my last one in my late teens back in the late 90s. I decided that I wanted something that would be fast on the roads and that is exactly what Podgy is. Carbon fibre in frame and fork, Podgy is the lightweight of the pair. I haven’t made any real upgrades to Podgy so the spec is pretty much as standard; it is a Mekk Poggio 1.5 2013.


I am sure upgrades will be along before too long (saddle first I expect) but my aim is to retain most of the original components this time.

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