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Update on my Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season Tyres

It's always nice to receive comments on my blog posts. For one, it lets me know that people are actually out there reading what I write. But it also allows us to open up a bit of two way communication. So when a Jez wrote "I’m about to venture into the tubeless world and am undecided whether to go for these or the Schwalbe pro one tubeless ,id be interested to hear how the Hutch is wearing?", in response to my Hutchinson Fusion 5 tyre review, I just had to write a whole post in reply!  But tyre wear might seem a little boring so I'll bundle my latest ride into this one too. 3

One Year On – Reliability Trial 2016

Reliability Ride

Last year was a successful cycling year for me. Probably with my performance pinnacle being the Tour of Cambridgeshire. After the summer I seemed to gradually decline into winter. Is that normal?  Presumably a downturn into winter should be expected, the question is how much? This is a difficult question to answer when you don't have years of comparative data to look back through. 580

The UCI/UWCT Tour of Cambridgeshire

Pushing Hard Towards the Finish

Some rides are just rides, others are focused training rides, still others are events or sportives. Some rides are significant to you because of the weather, some due to the company you ride with and others due to your personal performance. This ride surpassed all others on all fronts; BY FAR. 317